Welcome to Yumi's legal Tea Room 

Legal Tips of Internatinal Divorce and Inheritance as well as Labor law matter in Japan

日本の弁護士(板倉由実。YUMI ITAKURA) による国際離婚・相続と労働法に関する役立つ法律ブログです。


■About this blog.

Welcome to Yumi's legal Tea Room.  I'm a host of this legal blog, Yumi, an attorney at law based in Tokyo. This blog contains various articles regarding Japanese law and the legal system related to our daily lives, especially labor and family law, which are my specialty.  


Hope this blog will help you solve your legal issues or dig deep into your curiosity about Japanese legal systems and laws from the viewpoint of comparative law.

■Why I started to write this blog.

Because through my 15 years' legal career as a practicing lawyer, fighting for civil rights, I came to think of the need to share accurate and intelligible information regarding Japanese laws, especially about labor employment, family, and immigration.


Namely, as these laws are closely related to daily life and can be strong and intellectual methods (no need physical and threatening power ) to protect your rights guaranteed by laws and to fight against unfair/discriminatory treatment and harassment in the workplace as well as to keep the good family relationship.


Sadly, since starting my legal career, I have seen and met countless foreign nationals facing unfair treatment at the workplace in Japan such as wrongful dismissal, sexual and racial harassment, and non-payment of overtime premium and payment against the principle of 'equal pay for equal work' and human-trafficking in person and the like.


 Also, I have recognized numerous foreigners struggling with family issues such as domestic violence, emotional and grueling disputes involving divorce, child custody, marital properties, inheritance, and so on.


Some of these cases are "cross border" or "international"  cases where parties concerned or disputed objects like the asset ad properties are outside Japan or non-Japanese, which are difficult to solve within Japanese jurisdiction. And both parties concerned and their representative lawyers must know related countries' law and legal practice other than Japanese laws and have good English proficiency and other non-Japanse language proficiency.  

Nevertheless, surprisingly, in reality, despite such great numbers of foreigners experiencing legal matters in daily life in Japan, most of them have trouble finding adequate experienced lawyers speaking in English and other language and to reach necessary information about related laws and legal support,  legal resolution systems to protect their rights because of language barrier and insufficient information access resources written in English or other languages.


As a result, some of them cannot reach access to legal justice and have no choice but to succumb to unfair treatment or harassment and giving up fighting for their rights and justice without doing anything and any legal support. 

Legal knowledge is one of the best tools of solutions.

I believe everyone has the legal right to protect themselves from any forms of violence and unfair and discriminatory treatment in the workplace as well as family and should be given equal opportunity to enjoy their rights ineffective and substantive ways by rule of law irrespective of language, nationality, and gender and the like. 

Though my English is not sophisticated, I would be happy if my legal blogs could be helpful for you to get the necessary tips and break through your troubles in the workplace and family.  

About Yumi

Yumi Itakura, Attorney At Law admitted in Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in labor-employment law, International family law (divorce, child custody, and inheritance ), and immigration law with 15 years’ legal career and ​love to do 'Yoga', and love to roam around the world with beautiful azure sky, listening to Pat Metheny Group and Joe Sample. Co-founder of Sakura International  Law Office.

弁護士板倉由実. 2005年弁護士登録。東京パブリック法律事務所(外国人・国際部門)を経て、現在、さくら国際法律事務所パートナー。国内外の家事事件(国際離婚・国際相続)、労務・労働事件(外国人雇用)・入管事件・ジェンダー法学(セクシュアルハラスメント・性暴力被害者支援)が専門。英検1級 スペイン語勉強中。

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